Below are some of the resources and tools i use to scale my online business and will recommend to anyone who is also aspiring to start a dot-com business.

Domain Name Registration

Starting any online business require an online office and every online office comes with a domain name. A domain is what people will use to get in touch with you online. There are many Domain Name Registrars online, but what i use and will recommend to anyone who is just starting are GoDaddy and NameCheap.

These two registrars are so far the best domain providers. 

I have been using these registrars yo register my domain names for years now and they have the best service and also offer affordable price and discounts. You can purchase your first domain with these domain registrars at a discount by visiting their promo page.

Web Hosting Company

just like a domain, every online business needs web space. the web hosting is more or else like a warehouse where all your files are stored. there are hundreds of web hosting companies today.

Almost all offer the same package with different plans and service. I used about three web hosting companies to host different blogs and website.

For a beginner, i will recommend Bluehost or WebHostFace, since they offer the best service with cheaper plans. You can visit any of these links to see the plans of each of the hosting companies i recommended and then make a decision as to which one to use and host your site.

Dropshipping Platform

Starting a dropshipping store or business today is much easier and cheaper simply because there are many platforms you can use to operate your dropshipping business.

Today, you can own a dropshipping store within an hour. when we talk of dropshipping, the two most popular platform that comes to mind is either Shopify and Obelo or Woocommerce and Alidropship.

These two are the most widely used Dropshipping software today.  what i use and will recommend to anyone who wants to start a Dropshipping Business will less cost and also have control over ts store is Woocommerce and Alidropship plugin.

Alidropship is a WordPress plugin that you can use to turn your Run a Dropshipping store on any WordPress website. It gives you all the features you will need to start a successful Dropshipping store today.

What i like about the Alidropship plugin is the fact that it comes with a onetime payment. Meaning once you purchase the plugin, there is no any monthly fees as opposed to the other Dropshipping software.