Starting Mini Importation Business – All You Need To Know

E-commerce is now the new business of the season. Everyone is moving with new business trends.

If you are a student or an aspiring online entrepreneur then is a time you also take a look at this new business trends.

With the rise in the demands of certain goods in the system, a lot of people are getting more involved in the mini importation business.

mini importation business

The importation business no thought is among the cheapest low-cost business anyone can start today.

Gone are the days when people struggle to import goods from China, USA, and other European countries.

Today everything is made simples for anyone to start an importation business regardless of where he or she resides.

When I was starting an importation business somewhere 2014, I came across a lot of articles on this topic but most of the articles are only showing you what you need to start the business not how to start the business.

I went through a whole lot of things trying to figure out how to start the business.

After doing some trial an error method, I came to know all the ins and out of the business and in this post I’m going to show you all that you need to start an importation business.

we will list all the websites that you can buy all the low-cost products from and then ship them to your country and start selling to make some cash from the business.

What is mini importation?

Mini importation is small scale importation businesses which require the importer importing products at cheaper price from other countries like China and the USA and then sell them in their country to make a profit.

The mini business is a self- employed business that anyone can start. It required you to buy products in small quantities abroad and resells them for higher profits to consumers within your locality.

The mini importation business does not require huge startup capital. With as little as 50$ one can easily start this kind of business.

What Are The Requirements?

There are no such things require for starting a mini importation business. Anyone who has access to the internet through a personal computer (PC) or mobile phone can start the business.

In addition to the pc or mobile phone, you will also need to payment gateway.

This can be Visa prepaid card from Access Bank, United Bank of Africa, GT Bank. The final thing you will need is a valid email address and a house address. Once you have these ready,

As the name suggested, mini importation does business does not require much money. You can import with just 50$ as your start u capital.  So once you get the payment gateways all what you need to do is to deposits the capital in your preferred card. Now is time to start the purchase of the products.

Where To Buy The Cheap Products?

There are a lot of sites you can buy your products from a very cheap price. Most of these stores are based in China and others are in the USA.

Below are some of the stores you can buy cheap products from and import them to start selling in your local country.

  1. 688.com
  2. Aliexpress.com
  3. DHgate.com
  4. Amazon.com
  5. wish.com
  6. eBay.com


These websites so far are the best place to get products at cheaper prices to purchase and import to your country and sell at high prices.

A lot of people buy their products from these stores, ship them to their country and resell to customers to make a profit.

Now you can also head to any of the above sites and once you are there, the first thing to do is to create an account.

Now you need to search for the product you want to buy. Once you find the product, then there are a few things you need to check.

First look at the supplier’s ratings, reviews, and the feedback on the product the person is selling on that store.

If the product has high positive feedbacks, then you can purchase the product from that supplier. But if it does not, then go and look for other suppliers in the store.

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Every store listed above has different suppliers on, so is your duty to look for the one with the best rating and feedback to purchase from.

This will ensure that the goods are you going to get will be of high quality since you are not present to feel and touch those products.

Also, make sure you always go through the product description and check the delivery methods. Most products have a “free shipping” delivery method whiles others use the ePacket method.

For this business, Free Shipping is always good if you’re willing to wait since that will minimize your importation cost and help you gain high profits on those products.

How to pay for the goods

Previously most people from Ghana and other Africa countries find it difficult to purchase products online due to the payment gateways. But thanks to the rapid development in technology and the advancement in the Fintech, a lot of payment gateways have been developing and people from these countries can conveniently purchase any product using their local bank cards.

To purchase a product from any of the store you7 can use your visa card or PayPal account. Most of the stores listed above support visa card payment. Whiles few accept PayPal.

Now to purchase a product, you first need to add it to your cart and then check it out. On the checkout page, you will be required to enter your details including shipping address and then your payment card details.

With the shipping address, make sure you use a valid address, some case, for instance, Ghanaian buyers will have to use their postal address since the goods will be sent to the post office and then the postal agents will then deliver them to the various address on the product label. So in other not to get your products missing, you need to make sure you provide a valid address when checking out the products.

How long it takes for Product Delivery?

As I made mentioned earlier, there are different delivery method for your chosen product. With the Free Shipping method, the delivery usually takes between 20 to 30days. This means it takes a little longer to arrive but increase profits.

With the ePacket delivery, the products take between 3 to 7days to arrive.  The deliveries are usually done by FedEx, DHL, and EMS.  The ePacket or premium delivery will cost you a fee but it’s always faster and safer as compared to the free shipping.

How Do I Get My Products when they arrive In My Country?

When the products arrived at your country, they are first delivered at the nearest post-office close to you.

The post office will then contact you through the address you provided and during the checkout stage on the store.

When using the free shipping method you can add your phone number as part of your address so that the postal officers can easily call you to come for your products.

But with the ePacket delivery method, sometimes your products will be delivered to your doorsteps by the postal agent.

How To Market Your Product

There are many ways to market your products. But in this post we are going to focus on the three most powerful ones:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Flyers publicity
  3. And Word of mouth

These three are the best ways to get prospective customers to your products as a starter to this business module.

Today everyone is on the internet. Social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram are the best place that everyone uses to get a sale for their products.

They do that through paid ads or organic traffic. Paid ads are the fastest way to generate sales on this platform. But as a beginner, you might be on a tight budget and that means you will not be able to go with paid ads.

So your last option is to depend on organic traffic.

To get organic traffic to your products what you need to do is to create a free fan page for your mini business.

Once your page is ready, make sure you brand it well so it looks more professional.

This will tell your prospective customers how serious your business is and will put confidence in them which will eventually get them to buy your products.

The second way to get free traffic to your product on Facebook is to join groups which are related to the products you are selling. You can search for the groups on the Facebook platform and join.

Once you join the group, what you need to do is to post the picture of the products in those groups for the members to see.

Word of mouth is another way to market your products for people to buy. If you are a student you can take the product s to campus and advertise them to your fellow students.

A lot of students on campuses do that. With this, you can get more eyes to your products and that can lead to more sales.

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Wrapping up

Mini importation business is among the best work at home business that anyone can start. When operation this kind of business, you save yourself with the hustle of 9 to 5 job and you have the chance to work anywhere at any time you want.

But this is possible only when you are able to establish yourself more in this business. As a beginner to this kind of business, you may face many challenges but that should not discourage you to give up.

A lot went through those challenges at the initial stage but since they keep on pushing, they end up making it big in the business.

If you are ready to start the mini importation business then encourage you to follow all the points listed in this post.

This is where we come to the end of this post. If you find this post helpful, please share to the entire platform you belong to and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for a more useful post like this.

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