5 Best Websites To Make Money Online As A Freelancer In Ghana

5 Best Websites To Make Money Online As A Freelancer In Ghana

When it comes to skills, a lot of people have the best skills and knowledge that they could have used to make some side income on the internet, but many don’t know how.

The internet today offers a wide variety of opportunities that anyone can easily tap and begin to make a living from.

People who are already familiar with the internet are now making some side income by utilizing their god gifted skills and doing other peoples job for a reward.

Many through the help of other third-party websites today are making a living by doing simple jobs that every normal Joe could go through a process called freelancing.

Today a lot of people including me are making some side income through this kind of online jobs.

If you are new to the term freelancing or you’ve ever heard of the word freelance but don’t know how to start or become a freelancer then this post will be an eye-opening to you with regards to the term freelance.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing in a simple language is a term used to describe the act of doing something on behalf of others for a reward.

While a freelancer is an individual who is being hired by a company or another individual to do his or her job on their behalf. A freelancer has no permanent employer.

Freelancing has a lot of rewards and one of which is the ability to work at your own will and get paid for doing that.

For the past 4 years, I have been doing the freelancing job and I made a decent amount of income doing this kind of job. But guess what, most of the jobs I do are so simple that anyone can do.

I got to know about the freelancing jobs a few years back after attending a seminar organized by ghanaman.com a tech company based in Kumasi.

After the seminar, I made some search on this topic and had more insight into the topic.

I together with my friends have been doing the freelancing jobs both local and international and that has helped us make some daily side income online.

Anyone can start the freelancing job and make money online but what is stopping many from starting is lack of knowledge. The ability to discover which of the freelancing website to sign up for and begin to bid for a gig is also another factor.

I know many of you already know about the popular website called fiverr.com.  Fiverr is one of the best freelancing website today that you can sign up and offer your skills for sale.

But from my experience after being on fiverr for 4 years now, I realized it is not easy to break through Fiverr especially if you are just starting.

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean is impossible to break through fiverr.com and begin to get jobs from the platform.

What I mean is this; the platform is full of jobs that, any job you offer on that platform as a startup might have already been listed by existing sellers.

These old sellers of those gigs might have already have great positive reviews, and from my experience with freelancing, many people or customers order a gig from sellers with best positive reviews,.

So you see, that’s what I mean by it will be difficult to break through since you are just starting with no reviews.

But the good thing is that there are other freelancing websites you can sign up and begin to make sales from day one.

In this post am going to show you these best websites to make money online as a freelancer both local and international.

Below are the five freelancing sites you can sign up to today and begin to sell your skills

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Upwork.com
  3. 99designs.com
  4. 15ghana.com
  5. cedijob.com


Freelancer.com is the number one freelancing website that has a wide variety of jobs you can bid for. There are millions of jobs you can bid for on this website.


If you are good at graphic design or photo editing you can get a lot of jobs relating to that on this website.

What I like about the freelancer.com website is the fact that you get a notification in your email whenever a new job relating your choosing skills are being requested for on the site by a customer.

As a student, you can use your free time on this website doing simple data entering jobs for a decent amount of cash.

Most of the jobs on this website sometimes required little effort to complete and the pay are relatively high. Check this site here for more information.


Just like freelancer.com, this website is another great freelancing website that anyone can earn a decent amount of cash from by doing other peoples jobs. I started my freelancing carrier on this website.


The very week I sign up with this website as a freelancer, I was able to win a bid on a data entering jobs.

Upwork also works perfectly for students and home moms because most of the jobs on this site require less effort.

You can also check the site here and then sign up to begin to bid for a project.


99designs.com is a freelance website for designers. If you are a graphic designer or a logo designer then this website is your go to.


As the name indicated, this website is purposely established for designers.

If you are good at designing logos, you can sign up for an account on this website then create a gig for people to purchase.

This is a way to earn some few bucks by utilizing your graphic design skills.

A lot of people go to this site whenever they need a logo for their newly created projects.

Check the site here and then signup for an account to get started.


A Ghanaian based freelancing site that offers the best opportunity for everyone who wants to start the freelancing jobs here in Ghana.


This site has been in existence for the past three years but unfortunately only a few know about it.

I used to work on this site when I was in university. I had taken at least not less than five gigs on this website.

Through this site, I also got three customers who have now become my business partners.

So if you are in Ghana and want to lay your hands on the freelancing job you can start on this site and then get some experience before you try the other international sites.

The good thing is, the payment on this site is done through mobile money.


Another Ghanaian based freelancing site which has just evolved in the system is the cedijob.  As the name indicated, this site offers jobs whose price ranges from 20cedis and above.


This means one cannot list a job with a price below 20cedis on this site. When creating your freelancing job, you either set the price to 20 cedis or something more than that.

This I see is a good initiative and the site is currently gaining recognition in the freelancing sphere in Ghana.

Even though s a new entrant, it seems people are getting to know the site more. What i like about the site is the fact that you can get a sponsor for your idea.

What this means is this, if you have an idea concerning a project but you have no money to carry it.

You can go to this website and put forward the idea so anyone who is interested in that project can come and invest in that idea.

You can visit this site to Read More.

Wrapping Up

Alright friends, this is where we come to the end of today’s post. I hope this post will be a startup for your journey in the freelancing business.

Make sure to go through the sites listed above and then see which one is working for you.

Thanks for spending your time to read until this point. Please share this post to your friends on the entire social media platform.

Leave your comment below in case you need any further clarification with any of the points listed above.

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